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There is a deadly predator lurking in the shadows. Beware of its chilling calls.

Written by Collin W. Hughes

How do you stop a stealthy predator that no one sees coming? This predator does not distinguish between young or old, rich or poor, strong or weak, or by the color of one’s skin.  This predator goes after anyone who will listen to its message of death.

This predator weaves tales of falsehood deceiving its victims into believing that they are worthless and unable to love or be loved. This predator is one of the most cunning and ruthless serial killers ever to walk this earth.

He comes out of the darkness when we least expect him. He hides in the darkest thoughts of your mind. He is ready to pounce and take your life at any time. He knows your thoughts, feelings, and most secret impressions of your mind. And he knows how to use them against you.

He does not care about the broken hearts, the trauma, or the devastation left behind with the family and friends who love the victims taken by this predator. It cares for but only one thing. It simply wants to take your life.

The predator I speak of is suicide. Experts who have talked with potential victims that have survived and fought to stay alive have heard the testimony of how this predator works. A person about to take their own gets to the point that the predator takes over its victim’s mind taking away the ability to choose right from wrong. The victims become so angry and outraged that they see no choice but to take their own lives.

Victims who have escaped the death grip that the suicide predator remember little if anything about the events of the suicide attempt. So then, if this creature that is determined to end your life is so strong how can someone possibly win such a struggle? You must start early. The first time you have thoughts about ending your life, even if it is a seemingly passing thought, tell someone. Do not be afraid to tell your parents, a teacher, a counselor, a police officer, your best friend, a church leader, or even a stranger whom you are talking to at a store. TELL SOMEONE. Do not let that thought grow and fester until it consumes you.

You are worth living. You are loved. You are a worthwhile person. I beg you to think of the pain and heartbreak you will be leaving behind. Those people whom you feel do not care about you actually love you with all their hearts. If you do live in a home that is devoid of love, there are others who love your deeply. Do not demean yourself by thinking people do not care. My heart aches for anyone who has such desperate feelings.

You are loved. Stay alive and feel the love.

It can happen to Anyone

Evangelia your joy, laughter, and smiles are missed

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